Bucks County, Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alderfer, Gertrude R.  30 May 1919Bucks County, Pennsylvania I1481 ShowalterFunk 
2 Allebach, Elizabeth K.  21 Aug 1860Bucks County, Pennsylvania I1858 ShowalterFunk 
3 Allebach, Irwin Freed  3 Aug 1891Bucks County, Pennsylvania I2878 ShowalterFunk 
4 Allebach, John G.  2 Feb 1869Bucks County, Pennsylvania I2882 ShowalterFunk 
5 Bechtel, Eleanor Erb  4 Dec 1920Bucks County, Pennsylvania I2144 ShowalterFunk 
6 Benner, Catharine Fretz  17 Apr 1827Bucks County, Pennsylvania I2015 ShowalterFunk 
7 Benner, Sarah B. (Sallie)  28 Jun 1855Bucks County, Pennsylvania I1973 ShowalterFunk 
8 Beysher, Amanda  15 Dec 1843Bucks County, Pennsylvania I2691 ShowalterFunk 
9 Bishop, Henry A.  10 May 1887Bucks County, Pennsylvania I1969 ShowalterFunk 
10 Bissey, Aaron Christian  5 Dec 1868Bucks County, Pennsylvania I2312 ShowalterFunk 
11 Bleam, Henry G.  3 Feb 1849Bucks County, Pennsylvania I1757 ShowalterFunk 
12 Bush, Edwin H.  6 Jan 1863Bucks County, Pennsylvania I1847 ShowalterFunk 
13 Bush, Ella E.  19 Jun 1850Bucks County, Pennsylvania I2353 ShowalterFunk 
14 Cawley, Eliza  Abt 1815Bucks County, Pennsylvania I1560 ShowalterFunk 
15 Clymer, Gladys Mae  Jul 1910Bucks County, Pennsylvania I1276 ShowalterFunk 
16 Clymer, John M.  Abt 1855Bucks County, Pennsylvania I1533 ShowalterFunk 
17 Derstine, George G.  8 Mar 1819Bucks County, Pennsylvania I8477 ShowalterFunk 
18 Derstine, George G.  8 Mar 1819Bucks County, Pennsylvania I1132 ShowalterFunk 
19 Derstine, Sarah Ann  3 Apr 1860Bucks County, Pennsylvania I1133 ShowalterFunk 
20 Derstine, William Howard  12 Dec 1908Bucks County, Pennsylvania I2738 ShowalterFunk 
21 Detweiler, Annie Nancy  24 Mar 1845Bucks County, Pennsylvania I589 ShowalterFunk 
22 Detweiler, Daughter  1935Bucks County, Pennsylvania I2610 ShowalterFunk 
23 Detweiler, Enoch R.  7 Mar 1818Bucks County, Pennsylvania I2213 ShowalterFunk 
24 Detweiler, Fronica  Abt 1760Bucks County, Pennsylvania I5190 ShowalterFunk 
25 Detweiler, Garret A.  3 Mar 1853Bucks County, Pennsylvania I9319 ShowalterFunk 
26 Detweiler, Ira B.  10 Sep 1882Bucks County, Pennsylvania I1975 ShowalterFunk 
27 Detweiler, John A.  9 Dec 1846Bucks County, Pennsylvania I2086 ShowalterFunk 
28 Duncan, Ethel  Abt 1890Bucks County, Pennsylvania I1525 ShowalterFunk 
29 Erb, Samuel Charles  1 Mar 1897Bucks County, Pennsylvania I1660 ShowalterFunk 
30 Espenship, Rebecca E.  18 Dec 1858Bucks County, Pennsylvania I1515 ShowalterFunk 
31 Fretz, Abraham  Abt 1738Bucks County, Pennsylvania I13419 ShowalterFunk 
32 Fretz, Abraham D. , Sr.  1736Bucks County, Pennsylvania I13784 ShowalterFunk 
33 Fretz, Agnes  13 Sep 1759Bucks County, Pennsylvania I6513 ShowalterFunk 
34 Fretz, Anna  1 Apr 1825Bucks County, Pennsylvania I13302 ShowalterFunk 
35 Fretz, Catharine Stover  1 Oct 1813Bucks County, Pennsylvania I13296 ShowalterFunk 
36 Fretz, Cornelia  1 Jan 1829Bucks County, Pennsylvania I13304 ShowalterFunk 
37 Fretz, Elizabeth  9 Oct 1780Bucks County, Pennsylvania I13374 ShowalterFunk 
38 Fretz, Elizabeth  4 Sep 1821Bucks County, Pennsylvania I13394 ShowalterFunk 
39 Fretz, Elizabeth L.  27 Sep 1858Bucks County, Pennsylvania I2990 ShowalterFunk 
40 Fretz, Jacob  22 Oct 1811Bucks County, Pennsylvania I13389 ShowalterFunk 
41 Fretz, Magdalena  1 Jul 1817Bucks County, Pennsylvania I13298 ShowalterFunk 
42 Fretz, Mary Matilda  15 May 1777Bucks County, Pennsylvania I13774 ShowalterFunk 
43 Fretz, Rachel  1 Feb 1827Bucks County, Pennsylvania I13303 ShowalterFunk 
44 Fretz, Sarah Ann "Sallie"  17 Jan 1851Bucks County, Pennsylvania I13305 ShowalterFunk 
45 Fretz, Susan  19 Aug 1815Bucks County, Pennsylvania I13391 ShowalterFunk 
46 Fretz, Violette  5 May 1820Bucks County, Pennsylvania I13299 ShowalterFunk 
47 Fulmer, Leanna  8 Jan 1889Bucks County, Pennsylvania I5908 ShowalterFunk 
48 Funk, Amanda  Abt 1840Bucks County, Pennsylvania I8906 ShowalterFunk 
49 Funk, Barbara  Abt 1765Bucks County, Pennsylvania I9418 ShowalterFunk 
50 Funk, George Washington  27 Jul 1831Bucks County, Pennsylvania I5975 ShowalterFunk 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barnes, Susanna  31 Mar 1927Bucks County, Pennsylvania I2293 ShowalterFunk 
2 Bechtel, Mary L.  1936Bucks County, Pennsylvania I3134 ShowalterFunk 
3 Benner, Sarah B. (Sallie)  1 Oct 1925Bucks County, Pennsylvania I1973 ShowalterFunk 
4 Bissey, Aaron Christian  4 Oct 1944Bucks County, Pennsylvania I2312 ShowalterFunk 
5 Brikis, Constance Powers  Aft Aug 2004Bucks County, Pennsylvania I2782 ShowalterFunk 
6 Cassel, Elias  9 Feb 1893Bucks County, Pennsylvania I33271 Moon Anderson Family History & Genealogy 
7 Cawley, Eliza  UNKNOWNBucks County, Pennsylvania I1560 ShowalterFunk 
8 Clemens, Elizabeth  1825Bucks County, Pennsylvania I4703 ShowalterFunk 
9 Clemens, Mary (Maria)  1811Bucks County, Pennsylvania I4864 ShowalterFunk 
10 Clemmer, Valentine  24 Aug 1833Bucks County, Pennsylvania I4928 ShowalterFunk 
11 Clymer, Robert Willington  UNKNOWNBucks County, Pennsylvania I2233 ShowalterFunk 
12 Conver, Milton M.  1953Bucks County, Pennsylvania I3801 ShowalterFunk 
13 Delp, Annie G.  8 Apr 1887Bucks County, Pennsylvania I2174 ShowalterFunk 
14 Derstine, George G.  11 Aug 1899Bucks County, Pennsylvania I8477 ShowalterFunk 
15 Derstine, George G.  11 Aug 1899Bucks County, Pennsylvania I1132 ShowalterFunk 
16 Detweiler, Daughter  1935Bucks County, Pennsylvania I2610 ShowalterFunk 
17 Detweiler, Garret A.  6 Feb 1887Bucks County, Pennsylvania I9319 ShowalterFunk 
18 Detweiler, Hannah  Abt 1886Bucks County, Pennsylvania I1221 ShowalterFunk 
19 Detweiler, Jacob D.  Apr 1892Bucks County, Pennsylvania I2603 ShowalterFunk 
20 Detweiler, Joseph D.  24 Jun 1889Bucks County, Pennsylvania I1805 ShowalterFunk 
21 Detweiler, Magdalena  30 Nov 1934Bucks County, Pennsylvania I1220 ShowalterFunk 
22 Detweiler, Naomi F.  1922Bucks County, Pennsylvania I2609 ShowalterFunk 
23 Detweiler, Willard Godshall  30 Apr 1973Bucks County, Pennsylvania I9399 ShowalterFunk 
24 Duncan, Ethel  UNKNOWNBucks County, Pennsylvania I1525 ShowalterFunk 
25 Freed, Lucy Ann  24 Jan 1965Bucks County, Pennsylvania I2883 ShowalterFunk 
26 Fretz, Abraham  1782Bucks County, Pennsylvania I13419 ShowalterFunk 
27 Fretz, Garret D.  18 Jun 1960Bucks County, Pennsylvania I610 ShowalterFunk 
28 Fretz, Joseph  1806Bucks County, Pennsylvania I6514 ShowalterFunk 
29 Fretz, Mary Matilda  9 Nov 1822Bucks County, Pennsylvania I13774 ShowalterFunk 
30 Funk, Abraham Moyer  12 Apr 1869Bucks County, Pennsylvania I5199 ShowalterFunk 
31 Funk, Amanda  UNKNOWNBucks County, Pennsylvania I8906 ShowalterFunk 
32 Funk, Anna  25 Dec 1904Bucks County, Pennsylvania I13057 ShowalterFunk 
33 Funk, Barbara  UNKNOWNBucks County, Pennsylvania I9418 ShowalterFunk 
34 Funk, Catherine  1838Bucks County, Pennsylvania I13329 ShowalterFunk 
35 Funk, Jacob  1824Bucks County, Pennsylvania I13326 ShowalterFunk 
36 Funk, Jacob  20 Feb 1856Bucks County, Pennsylvania I8904 ShowalterFunk 
37 Funk, Mary (Polly)  16 Oct 1880Bucks County, Pennsylvania I12566 ShowalterFunk 
38 Funk, Mary (Polly)  16 Oct 1880Bucks County, Pennsylvania I5958 ShowalterFunk 
39 Funk, Ralph  Bucks County, Pennsylvania I1563 ShowalterFunk 
40 Funk, Susan Elizabeth  UNKNOWNBucks County, Pennsylvania I1386 ShowalterFunk 
41 Gehman, Maria  Bucks County, Pennsylvania I1564 ShowalterFunk 
42 Geil, Amanda M  13 Dec 1923Bucks County, Pennsylvania I12980 ShowalterFunk 
43 Geil, Anna M  28 Mar 1946Bucks County, Pennsylvania I13011 ShowalterFunk 
44 Geil, Enos F  17 Mar 1891Bucks County, Pennsylvania I12978 ShowalterFunk 
45 Geil, Jacob  16 May 1897Bucks County, Pennsylvania I12977 ShowalterFunk 
46 Gross, Henry W.  UNKNOWNBucks County, Pennsylvania I1389 ShowalterFunk 
47 Hackman, Ella C.  1 Dec 1915Bucks County, Pennsylvania I1861 ShowalterFunk 
48 Hackman, Sarah C  18 Apr 1883Bucks County, Pennsylvania I4559 ShowalterFunk 
49 Hunsberger, Mary Emma  10 Apr 1876Bucks County, Pennsylvania I1516 ShowalterFunk 
50 Hunsicker, Jacob K.  5 May 1783Bucks County, Pennsylvania I4695 ShowalterFunk 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Fretz, Martin , Sr.  Bucks County, Pennsylvania I6516 ShowalterFunk 
2 Funck, Catherine  1787Bucks County, Pennsylvania I993 ShowalterFunk 
3 Funk, Catherine  Bucks County, Pennsylvania I13329 ShowalterFunk 
4 Garis (Gehres), Frank D  Bucks County, Pennsylvania I4591 ShowalterFunk 
5 Stover, Ralph Chester  Bucks County, Pennsylvania I5970 ShowalterFunk 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 FRETZ / Stover  20 Mar 1810Bucks County, Pennsylvania F7654 ShowalterFunk 
2 Funk / Schweitzer  1797Bucks County, Pennsylvania F7693 ShowalterFunk 
3 Halteman / Metz  1855Bucks County, Pennsylvania F1277 ShowalterFunk 
4 Hunsicker / Detweiler  13 Apr 1872Bucks County, Pennsylvania F684 ShowalterFunk 
5 Hunsicker / Detweiler  13 Apr 1872Bucks County, Pennsylvania F5829 ShowalterFunk 
6 Hunsicker / Moyer  6 Dec 1902Bucks County, Pennsylvania F887 ShowalterFunk 
7 Shaddinger / Hunsicker  4 Mar 1904Bucks County, Pennsylvania F2619 ShowalterFunk 
8 Treichler / Funk  Bucks County, Pennsylvania F7695 ShowalterFunk 
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