Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bean, Christian L.  1 Apr 1929Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I274 ShowalterFunk 
2 Bosler, Charlotte M.   I255 ShowalterFunk 
3 Bosler, Clarence H.  1 Jun 1893Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I196 ShowalterFunk 
4 Bosler, E. Richard  15 Feb 1937Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I272 ShowalterFunk 
5 Bosler, Elizabeth B.  16 Dec 1920Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I262 ShowalterFunk 
6 Bosler, Elmer H.  8 Dec 1897Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I213 ShowalterFunk 
7 Bosler, Merritt W.   I252 ShowalterFunk 
8 Bosler, Raymond Bytheway   I270 ShowalterFunk 
9 Bosler, Russell Ira  15 Jul 1923Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I254 ShowalterFunk 
10 Bosler, William Bickhart  12 Sep 1920Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I253 ShowalterFunk 
11 Bosler, Willis E.  6 Dec 1891Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I212 ShowalterFunk 
12 Bosler, Willis E. Jr.  30 May 1919Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I261 ShowalterFunk 
13 Fry, Emily L.   I256 ShowalterFunk 
14 Hallman, Abraham H.  10 Dec 1861Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1569 ShowalterFunk 
15 Hallman, Reed T.  10 Jul 1886Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1571 ShowalterFunk 
16 Heebner, Wilmer K.  28 Mar 1902Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1688 ShowalterFunk 
17 Hunsicker, Benjamin W.  26 Nov 1852Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3526 ShowalterFunk 
18 Hunsicker, Bessie  1854Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1556 ShowalterFunk 
19 Hunsicker, Clifton S.  5 Oct 1872Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3498 ShowalterFunk 
20 Hunsicker, Edwin S.  24 Jun 1866Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1347 ShowalterFunk 
21 Hunsicker, Ella R.  3 Aug 1858Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1781 ShowalterFunk 
22 Hunsicker, Elmer S.  4 Nov 1863Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1352 ShowalterFunk 
23 Hunsicker, Frances Saylor  14 Apr 1898Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3522 ShowalterFunk 
24 Hunsicker, Harry Tyson  27 Oct 1875Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3520 ShowalterFunk 
25 Hunsicker, James Masson  19 Mar 1915Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3500 ShowalterFunk 
26 Hunsicker, James R.  22 Jun 1868Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1348 ShowalterFunk 
27 Hunsicker, John M. , Jr.  1865Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1557 ShowalterFunk 
28 Hunsicker, Joseph S.  Abt 1851Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1780 ShowalterFunk 
29 Hunsicker, Marion  28 Jan 1902Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I10868 ShowalterFunk 
30 Hunsicker, Mary H.  28 Apr 1907Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3524 ShowalterFunk 
31 Hunsicker, Nellie B.  1856Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1558 ShowalterFunk 
32 Hunsicker, Wilhelmina  15 Jan 1910Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3525 ShowalterFunk 
33 Kriebel, Charles Gordon   I1739 ShowalterFunk 
34 Kriebel, George Donald   I1740 ShowalterFunk 
35 Moyer, Anna Bell  17 Dec 1875Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I10554 ShowalterFunk 
36 Moyer, Daniel D.  Abt 1820Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I543 ShowalterFunk 
37 Munshower, Lillian L.  1880Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1950 ShowalterFunk 
38 Ohl, Mary E.  1871Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1349 ShowalterFunk 
39 Schall, Margaret  1840Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I8691 ShowalterFunk 
40 Spare, Miriam Joanne  29 Oct 1939Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I31730 Moon Anderson Family History & Genealogy 
41 Stokes, William C.  Oct 1852Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3536 ShowalterFunk 
42 Tyson, Helen Cevilla  4 Dec 1915Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1964 ShowalterFunk 
43 Wilson, Beatrice F.   I258 ShowalterFunk 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allebach, Henry H.  UNKNOWNNorristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1615 ShowalterFunk 
2 Anders, Charles S.  Aft 1930Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2185 ShowalterFunk 
3 Anders, Clara C.  Aft 1930Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2184 ShowalterFunk 
4 Bean, Arthur W.  Dec 1983Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3103 ShowalterFunk 
5 Beyer, Claude H.  Jun 1977Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3175 ShowalterFunk 
6 Beyer, Linwood B.  UNKNOWNNorristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1752 ShowalterFunk 
7 Bickhart, Ethel May  5 Oct 1967Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I197 ShowalterFunk 
8 Bosler, Clarence H.  25 Mar 1967Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I196 ShowalterFunk 
9 Bosler, E. Richard  21 Jan 1951Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I272 ShowalterFunk 
10 Bosler, Elmer H.  26 Feb 1957Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I213 ShowalterFunk 
11 Bosler, FIRST Willis E. , Sr.  17 Mar 1923Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I202 ShowalterFunk 
12 Bosler, Willis E.  Abt 1975Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I212 ShowalterFunk 
13 Bytheway, Catherine  9 Mar 1980Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I260 ShowalterFunk 
14 Cassel, Benjamin Franklin  May 1968Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2340 ShowalterFunk 
15 Costigane, Elizabeth Nevin  UNKNOWNNorristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1738 ShowalterFunk 
16 Detweiler, Mary  UNKNOWNNorristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1616 ShowalterFunk 
17 Detwiler, Freda Louise  17 Oct 1918Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3187 ShowalterFunk 
18 Detwiler, Jacob B.  31 Oct 1902Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I8900 ShowalterFunk 
19 Fry, Dorothy May  UNKNOWNNorristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2363 ShowalterFunk 
20 Hallman, Abraham H.  12 Jul 1897Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1569 ShowalterFunk 
21 Hallman, Abraham S.  Aft 1910Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1568 ShowalterFunk 
22 Hallman, Reed T.  1935Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1571 ShowalterFunk 
23 Halteman, Sallie  18 Feb 1948Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2564 ShowalterFunk 
24 Heebner, Wilson K.  Sep 1962Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1603 ShowalterFunk 
25 Henry, Fannie  8 Dec 1871Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1342 ShowalterFunk 
26 Hunsberger, Henry H. (Harry)  UNKNOWNNorristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2017 ShowalterFunk 
27 Hunsicker, Benjamin W.  21 Mar 1853Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3526 ShowalterFunk 
28 Hunsicker, Bessie  1915Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1556 ShowalterFunk 
29 Hunsicker, Catherine  29 Jun 1869Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I7741 ShowalterFunk 
30 Hunsicker, Charles M.  28 Oct 1895Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1345 ShowalterFunk 
31 Hunsicker, Clifton S.  21 Apr 1939Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3498 ShowalterFunk 
32 Hunsicker, Edwin S.  1936Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1347 ShowalterFunk 
33 Hunsicker, Elizabeth E.  30 Jul 1931Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I203 ShowalterFunk 
34 Hunsicker, Ella R.  6 Jun 1862Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1781 ShowalterFunk 
35 Hunsicker, Elmer S.  11 Mar 1864Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1352 ShowalterFunk 
36 Hunsicker, Harry Tyson  1954Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3520 ShowalterFunk 
37 Hunsicker, Jacob R.  20 Jan 1898Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I407 ShowalterFunk 
38 Hunsicker, James Masson  3 Oct 1989Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3500 ShowalterFunk 
39 Hunsicker, James R.  1924Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1348 ShowalterFunk 
40 Hunsicker, John M. , Jr.  5 Aug 1869Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1557 ShowalterFunk 
41 Hunsicker, John M.  7 Jun 1880Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1341 ShowalterFunk 
42 Hunsicker, Joseph R.  21 Mar 1915Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3518 ShowalterFunk 
43 Hunsicker, Marion  Aug 1987Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I10868 ShowalterFunk 
44 Hunsicker, Nellie B.  Aft 12 Jan 1920Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1558 ShowalterFunk 
45 Hunsicker, Wilmer  5 Dec 1929Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I9743 ShowalterFunk 
46 Hurst, Marie E.  1919Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3499 ShowalterFunk 
47 Knauss, Anna H.  Sep 1981Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2911 ShowalterFunk 
48 Kriebel, Charles C.  UNKNOWNNorristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1737 ShowalterFunk 
49 Kriebel, Susan Helen  UNKNOWNNorristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1602 ShowalterFunk 
50 Landes, Eugene S.  16 Nov 1995Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3192 ShowalterFunk 

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