Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alderfer, Robert C.  8 Sep 1927Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I938 ShowalterFunk 
2 Alderfer, Walter , Jr.  18 Jul 1921Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2764 ShowalterFunk 
3 Anders, Fannie Elizabeth "Betty"   I2551 ShowalterFunk 
4 Barnes, Melvin H.  24 Feb 1885Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2295 ShowalterFunk 
5 Clymer, Virginia Shive  15 Dec 1927Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I751 ShowalterFunk 
6 Detwiler, Baby  1915Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2710 ShowalterFunk 
7 Detwiler, Blanche  Feb 1892Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2714 ShowalterFunk 
8 Detwiler, Grace  Abt 1902Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2712 ShowalterFunk 
9 Detwiler, Laura  Dec 1886Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2717 ShowalterFunk 
10 Detwiler, Lettie  Sep 1888Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2715 ShowalterFunk 
11 Detwiler, Lillie  16 Sep 1885Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2719 ShowalterFunk 
12 Detwiler, Mamie  4 Apr 1890Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2716 ShowalterFunk 
13 Detwiler, Mildred  Abt 1911Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2713 ShowalterFunk 
14 Detwiler, Norman S.  Nov 1883Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2708 ShowalterFunk 
15 Detwiler, Paul R.  5 Jun 1922Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2704 ShowalterFunk 
16 Detwiler, Paul Smith  8 Feb 1896Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2706 ShowalterFunk 
17 Detwiler, Raymond Smith  30 Jan 1894Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2711 ShowalterFunk 
18 Detwiler, Ruth Inez  13 Sep 1923Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2694 ShowalterFunk 
19 Frederick, Marie  Abt 1920Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2041 ShowalterFunk 
20 Freed, Sylvanus L. , Jr  17 Aug 1923Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3098 ShowalterFunk 
21 Heebner, Albert Landes  23 May 1893Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2984 ShowalterFunk 
22 Heebner, Florence  13 Nov 1921Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2387 ShowalterFunk 
23 Heebner, Waldo N.  16 Jul 1910Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1771 ShowalterFunk 
24 Henning, Warren R.  25 Jun 1905Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2000 ShowalterFunk 
25 Kulp, Lizzie Metz  7 Dec 1873Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1016 ShowalterFunk 
26 Mollenhauer, Mildred  21 Dec 1920Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2724 ShowalterFunk 
27 Mollenhauer, Ralph  29 Dec 1923Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2725 ShowalterFunk 
28 Mollenhauer, Robert  Abt 1919Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2723 ShowalterFunk 
29 Moyer, Elizabeth (Lizzie)  8 Dec 1900Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I844 ShowalterFunk 
30 Moyer, Evelyn  9 Aug 1896Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1943 ShowalterFunk 
31 Moyer, Martha Marguerite  2 Feb 1904Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1944 ShowalterFunk 
32 Ruth, Hana  Jan 1898Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2707 ShowalterFunk 
33 Slotter, Kathryn Hunsicker  3 Oct 1908Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2262 ShowalterFunk 
34 Swartley, Kenneth D   I4619 ShowalterFunk 
35 Swartley, Kenneth D.   I1468 ShowalterFunk 
36 Wismer, Grace Hackman  29 Sep 1901Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3583 ShowalterFunk 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 (Heebner), Myrtle B.  5 Feb 2000Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1010 ShowalterFunk 
2 Alderfer, Allen A.  UNKNOWNLansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I936 ShowalterFunk 
3 Alderfer, Erma Hendricks  Aft 2006Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3383 ShowalterFunk 
4 Alderfer, Henry K.  6 Feb 1961Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1807 ShowalterFunk 
5 Alderfer, Sallie H.  1 May 1946Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3476 ShowalterFunk 
6 Alderfer, Walter  May 1938Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2762 ShowalterFunk 
7 Alderfer, Walter  7 Apr 1993Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I623 ShowalterFunk 
8 Allebach, Mary Ann  24 Sep 1937Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1232 ShowalterFunk 
9 Anders, Arthur Fretz  5 Aug 1983Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2549 ShowalterFunk 
10 Bailey, Sarah  1938Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2674 ShowalterFunk 
11 Benner, Abraham L.  UNKNOWNLansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1778 ShowalterFunk 
12 Bergey, Hobart K.  UNKNOWNLansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1374 ShowalterFunk 
13 Cassel, Emma Verona  UNKNOWNLansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1777 ShowalterFunk 
14 Clemmer, Abraham K.  1942Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I7219 ShowalterFunk 
15 Clymer, Elmer D.  Feb 1974Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1273 ShowalterFunk 
16 Clymer, Virginia Shive  Aft Feb 2000Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I751 ShowalterFunk 
17 Cressman, Hiram R.  1944Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2351 ShowalterFunk 
18 Crouthamel, Elmer F.  4 Nov 1992Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3749 ShowalterFunk 
19 Detweiler, Howard A.  17 Nov 1984Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I705 ShowalterFunk 
20 Detweiler, Jacob Hackman  24 Dec 1986Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2765 ShowalterFunk 
21 Detweiler, John B.  13 Apr 1934Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2672 ShowalterFunk 
22 Detwiler, Abraham D.  1949Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I380 ShowalterFunk 
23 Detwiler, Baby  1915Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2710 ShowalterFunk 
24 Detwiler, Norman S.  8 Mar 1943Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2708 ShowalterFunk 
25 Detwiler, Paul Smith  UNKNOWNLansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2706 ShowalterFunk 
26 Detwiler, Raymond Smith  UNKNOWNLansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2711 ShowalterFunk 
27 Freed, Anna R.  12 Dec 1958Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3811 ShowalterFunk 
28 Fretz, Alverda M.  Aft 6 Dec 2006Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3099 ShowalterFunk 
29 Gotwals, Clayton K.  13 Jul 1942Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3140 ShowalterFunk 
30 Grater, Catherine H.  22 Jun 1913Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1588 ShowalterFunk 
31 Groff, Wilbur A.  Mar 1981Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2326 ShowalterFunk 
32 Harley, Joanna S. "Annie"  UNKNOWNLansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3145 ShowalterFunk 
33 Hartranft, Florence Violet  1940Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2350 ShowalterFunk 
34 Heebner, Horace L.  1949Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I732 ShowalterFunk 
35 Heebner, Isaac D.  1 Nov 1918Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1591 ShowalterFunk 
36 Heebner, Waldo N.  1944Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1771 ShowalterFunk 
37 Hendricks, Martha B.  Oct 1969Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3306 ShowalterFunk 
38 Hunsicker, Henry P.  1939Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I556 ShowalterFunk 
39 Hunsicker, Ida R.  Aft 18 Apr 1930Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3430 ShowalterFunk 
40 Jones, Louise C.  Feb 1980Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2763 ShowalterFunk 
41 Kinder, Allen B. , Jr.  15 Nov 1991Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2698 ShowalterFunk 
42 Koch, Stella P.  UNKNOWNLansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2817 ShowalterFunk 
43 Kratz, Harvey K.  26 Feb 1967Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3810 ShowalterFunk 
44 Kratz, Harvey W  7 Nov 1992Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I750 ShowalterFunk 
45 Kratz, Katie D.  1969Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2071 ShowalterFunk 
46 Kratz, Kenneth E.  9 Apr 1976Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3158 ShowalterFunk 
47 Kriebel, Claude  Jan 1987Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2627 ShowalterFunk 
48 Kriebel, Howard A.  Aft 23 Apr 1930Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I877 ShowalterFunk 
49 Kulp, Mary Alice  1937Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I7218 ShowalterFunk 
50 Kulp, Stanley Moyer  16 Mar 2005Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3340 ShowalterFunk 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Kulp / Moyer  24 Oct 1915Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania F2408 ShowalterFunk 
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