Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alderfer, Henry F.  10 Nov 1902Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I8932 ShowalterFunk 
2 Alderfer, Jacob Milton "Jake"  30 Aug 1912Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3731 ShowalterFunk 
3 Alderfer, Joseph Paul  8 Oct 1908Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3477 ShowalterFunk 
4 Alderfer, Verda S.  5 May 1895Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1452 ShowalterFunk 
5 Barnes, Mark  12 Apr 1897Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2300 ShowalterFunk 
6 Barnes, Roland Wood  2 Oct 1902Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2299 ShowalterFunk 
7 Barnes, Warren  26 Aug 1882Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2294 ShowalterFunk 
8 Barnes, Wilson Hunsberger  16 Mar 1878Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2289 ShowalterFunk 
9 Benner, Robert Y.  Jan 1926Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2506 ShowalterFunk 
10 Blank, Harvey Stoudt  7 Oct 1925Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3197 ShowalterFunk 
11 Blank, Margaret S.   I3194 ShowalterFunk 
12 Clemens, Lovina S.  19 May 1914Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1726 ShowalterFunk 
13 Clemens, Ruth Ellen  8 Jul 1922Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3508 ShowalterFunk 
14 Clemmer, Marion  31 Dec 1916Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I10547 ShowalterFunk 
15 Clemmer, Walter S  10 Feb 1918Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I4580 ShowalterFunk 
16 Derstine, Hilda S  9 Feb 1910Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I13075 ShowalterFunk 
17 Derstine, Stanley N.  28 May 1923Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2118 ShowalterFunk 
18 Detweiler, Alvin D.  10 Apr 1904Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1109 ShowalterFunk 
19 Detweiler, Sadie D.  1901Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2607 ShowalterFunk 
20 Dillinger, Mae  27 May 1920Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3267 ShowalterFunk 
21 Erb, Ida G.  1 Dec 1919Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1661 ShowalterFunk 
22 Erb, Russel G.  3 Apr 1923Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1662 ShowalterFunk 
23 Garis, Arthur Nelson  18 Jun 1932Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1673 ShowalterFunk 
24 Garis, Elizabeth Dawn  16 Apr 1936Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1675 ShowalterFunk 
25 Garis, Elmer Franklin Jr Jr  1 Mar 1921Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1667 ShowalterFunk 
26 Garis, Emily Susanna  24 Sep 1937Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1676 ShowalterFunk 
27 Garis, Ida Buvel  21 Jan 1931Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1672 ShowalterFunk 
28 Garis, Paul Maynard  27 Feb 1935Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1674 ShowalterFunk 
29 Garis, Robert Burdette  9 Jan 1925Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1669 ShowalterFunk 
30 Garis, Vera Kathryn  22 Apr 1923Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1668 ShowalterFunk 
31 Gehman, Henry L.  10 Aug 1895Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1392 ShowalterFunk 
32 Godshall, Mildred Ruth  17 Nov 1919Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2877 ShowalterFunk 
33 Godshall, Wilmer  12 Feb 1898Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3778 ShowalterFunk 
34 Greiser, Pearl  2 Dec 1918Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3515 ShowalterFunk 
35 Groff, Emma Leona  8 Apr 1912Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3474 ShowalterFunk 
36 Hackman, Abraham Oberholtzer  13 Nov 1853Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I506 ShowalterFunk 
37 Hackman, Stella  14 Jun 1919Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1037 ShowalterFunk 
38 Halteman, Ellis B.  30 Oct 1920Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3717 ShowalterFunk 
39 Hunsicker, Doris Mae  Abt 1933Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3026 ShowalterFunk 
40 Kulp, J. Wesley  1923Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3344 ShowalterFunk 
41 Kulp, Jacob N.  28 Jan 1889Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2649 ShowalterFunk 
42 Kulp, Ruth   I3338 ShowalterFunk 
43 Kulp, Stanley Moyer  17 Nov 1918Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3340 ShowalterFunk 
44 Landis, Frederick B.  15 Feb 1915Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3507 ShowalterFunk 
45 Landis, Merrill H.   I2429 ShowalterFunk 
46 Landis, Norman D.  19 Jan 1917Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1951 ShowalterFunk 
47 Landis, Violet B.  7 Apr 1918Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3511 ShowalterFunk 
48 Meyers, Edith Moyer  21 Jun 1931Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2962 ShowalterFunk 
49 Mininger, Norman D.  18 May 1918Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2500 ShowalterFunk 
50 Moyer, Cleta Alderfer  14 May 1932Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3869 ShowalterFunk 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alderfer, Harold D.  22 Mar 1989Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1458 ShowalterFunk 
2 Alderfer, Jacob Milton "Jake"  16 Apr 2001Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3731 ShowalterFunk 
3 Alderfer, Marie L.  Feb 1988Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1054 ShowalterFunk 
4 Alderfer, Paul K.  30 May 1991Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1499 ShowalterFunk 
5 Alderfer, Rosa H.  7 Oct 1942Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I944 ShowalterFunk 
6 Alderfer, Stanley D.  6 May 2001Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1457 ShowalterFunk 
7 Alderfer, Verda S.  UNKNOWNSouderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1452 ShowalterFunk 
8 Alderfer, William L.  22 Jan 1986Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3595 ShowalterFunk 
9 Alderfer, Willis K.  20 Jan 1992Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2270 ShowalterFunk 
10 Allabach, Mary  18 Feb 1932Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2689 ShowalterFunk 
11 Allebach, Paul F.  10 Oct 1993Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1867 ShowalterFunk 
12 Anders, Sallie M.  27 May 2000Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1953 ShowalterFunk 
13 Anders, Susie Mae Fretz  11 Apr 2000Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1400 ShowalterFunk 
14 Barndt, Lillian  Jul 1970Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3266 ShowalterFunk 
15 Barnes, Albert  26 Aug 1928Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2301 ShowalterFunk 
16 Barnes, Jacob G.  30 Dec 1904Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2287 ShowalterFunk 
17 Barnes, Mark  28 Nov 1903Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2300 ShowalterFunk 
18 Barnes, Melvin H.  Aft 1930Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2295 ShowalterFunk 
19 Barnes, Wilson Hunsberger  7 Jul 1941Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2289 ShowalterFunk 
20 Bauerle, Minnie Arlene  Aft 1930Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2286 ShowalterFunk 
21 Beck, Sallie G.  UNKNOWNSouderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2344 ShowalterFunk 
22 Benner, Annie K.  11 Oct 1968Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3124 ShowalterFunk 
23 Benner, Catharine Fretz  31 Jan 1893Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2015 ShowalterFunk 
24 Benner, Henry H.  9 Jan 1969Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2504 ShowalterFunk 
25 Benner, John D.  20 Aug 1943Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3235 ShowalterFunk 
26 Benner, Joseph C.  27 Feb 1920Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2469 ShowalterFunk 
27 Benner, Nathaniel C.  11 Oct 1942Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2331 ShowalterFunk 
28 Benner, Robert Y.  Nov 1927Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2506 ShowalterFunk 
29 Bergey, Catherine (Katie)  25 Dec 1992Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3309 ShowalterFunk 
30 Bergey, Curtis L  Aft 2006Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I4614 ShowalterFunk 
31 Bergey, Edwin B.  UNKNOWNSouderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2048 ShowalterFunk 
32 Bergey, Emma Landis  Dec 1973Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2534 ShowalterFunk 
33 Bergey, Enos G.  29 Oct 1927Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3569 ShowalterFunk 
34 Bergey, Lester G.  12 Feb 1988Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2913 ShowalterFunk 
35 Bergey, Sarah (Sallie) S.  1 Jul 1928Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3570 ShowalterFunk 
36 Bishop, Claude Benner  11 Oct 2002Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3007 ShowalterFunk 
37 Blank, Harvey Stoudt  16 Jan 1987Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3197 ShowalterFunk 
38 Bonnawitz, Anna  8 May 1963Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1036 ShowalterFunk 
39 Bower, Aaron Cassel  20 Nov 1992Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3721 ShowalterFunk 
40 Bowers, Fred K.  Aft 5 Apr 1930Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3509 ShowalterFunk 
41 Cassel, Doris  7 Oct 2004Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3866 ShowalterFunk 
42 Clemens, Ella Mae  31 Oct 1994Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1998 ShowalterFunk 
43 Clemens, Naomi L.  27 Jan 2002Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3319 ShowalterFunk 
44 Clemmer, Walter S  10 Mar 2007Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I4580 ShowalterFunk 
45 Conver, Grace  16 Mar 1997Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2304 ShowalterFunk 
46 Crouthamel, Adam Hollinger  14 Dec 1944Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3529 ShowalterFunk 
47 Crouthamel, Fenton F.  29 Jul 1927Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2347 ShowalterFunk 
48 Delp, Jacob Baker  10 May 1932Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I3584 ShowalterFunk 
49 Delp, Stella D.  13 Feb 1963Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I1773 ShowalterFunk 
50 Derr, Pearl  Nov 1994Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania I2325 ShowalterFunk 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 /   20 May 1944Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania F11488 Moon Anderson Family History & Genealogy 
2 Derstine / Moyer  10 Jan 1934Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania F912 ShowalterFunk 
3 Hackman / Bergey  19 Dec 1874Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania F5903 ShowalterFunk 
4 Moyer / Ziegler  12 Aug 1956Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania F2394 ShowalterFunk 
5 Weaver / Souder  4 Oct 1939Souderton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania F1585 ShowalterFunk 
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